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Council Notes

The new year will bring many changes at Honolulu Hale. We will have several new faces and many familiar faces in new places.

The Mayor recently made some shifts in his cabinet. The City Council will have three new members and several new faces in leadership roles. The City Council has also made known some changes to be made in the City Clerk's office and the Office of Council Services. The following listings are meant to give you a current cast of characters so you can better follow the action at City Hall.

The Mayor's Cabinet:

Managing Director: Edward Hirata (formerly Bd. of Water Supply)

Budget, Chief Officer: James Sakai (formerly Finance)

Corporation Counsel: Richard Sharpless (formerly Managing Dir.)

Finance, Director: Samuel Hata (formerly Budget)

General Planning, Chief Planning Officer: George Moriguchi (formerly Land Utilization)

Housing and Community Development: Barry Chung (formerly Corporation Counsel)

Land Utilization, Director: Tyrone Kusao (formerly Housing)

Parks and Recreation, Director: Rom Duran (formerly Planning)

Transportation Services, Acting Director: Akira Fujita (formerly Deputy Transportation Services)

Board of Water Supply, Manager and Chief Engineer: Kazu Hayashida (formerly Transportation)

The City Council:

The City Council will formally organize in January. All changes in the Council, the City Clerk's office and the Office of Courcil Services will become effective when the new Council takes office.

Council Chairman: Rudy Pacarro

Council Vice Chairman: Daniel Clement, Jr.

Chrmn. Planning and Zoning Committee: George Akahane

Vice Chrmn. Planning and Zoning: Tom Nekota

Chrmn. Finance Committee: Daniel Clement, Jr.

Vice Chrmn. Finance: Andrew Poepoe

Chrmn. Intergovernmental Relations Committee: Toraki Matsumoto

Vice Chrmn. Intergovernmental Relations: Hiram Fong, Jr.

Chrmn. Budget Committee: Toraki Matsumoto

Vice Chrmn. Budget: Daniel Clement, Jr.

It will be proposed that all Council members be members of all these Standing Committees. The Select Committees have not been designated yet.

The City Clerk's Office:

City Clerk: Paul Maeda (budget analyst at Univ. of Hawaii)

Deputy City Clerk: Wilfred Chu (Vice President at Bishop Trust)

Office of Council Services:

Director: Albert Jeremiah

Deputy Director: David Lum

Both Jeremiah and Lum have been on the staff of the Office of Council Services. The outgoing Director, Peter Leong and his Deputy, Wilfred Mita, will continue on the staff of OCS in other positions..

This brief rundown of the players now in new roles or soon to begin should help you follow the acts of the play as it unfolds at Honolulu Hale in the coming months. It should be interesting and at times even exciting so do come and watch.

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