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Bureaucrat's Diet

A recent report by the Southern California Medical Association pointed out that proper weight control and physical fitness cannot be attained by dieting alone. Many people who are engaged in sedentary occupations do not realize that calories can be burned by the hundreds by engaging in strenuous exercises that do not require physical exercise. The following is a list of calorie burning activities and the number of calories per hour they consume:

Side Stepping issues 300

Running the gamut 25

Making things crystal clear..150

Viewing with alarm 5

Getting to the bottom line...500

Beating around the bush 75

Jumping to conclusions 100

Passing the buck 25

Dragging your heels 100

Wading through paperwork....300

Bending over backwards 75

Jumping on the bandwagon....200

Balancing the books 23

Eating crow 225

Tooting your own horn 25

Climbing the ladder of success750

Adding fuel to the fire 150

Wrapping it up at day's end....12

(Excerpted from the Foreign Service Medical Bulletin with additions by wise-cracking League members)

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