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League of Women Voters Day - February 15, 1979
Welcome New Members!
On Program (Joyce Miller)
City Council Study
Bureaucrat's Diet
New Contributor: C. Brewer & Co., Ltd.
Unsung Volunteer...
Notes from Court Observing...
Dear Barbara


Although not all those who had accepted could come (there was a lot of flu around), a successful orientation meeting on Jan. 10 was attended by new members Virginia Craig, Marie Devane, Claire Gregorcyk, Sandra Schlanger, and Nan Luter, as well as a prospective member, Frances Moulton (who has since joined the League). Pres. Helen Griffin and 2nd VP Joyce Miller discussed the operations and program of the League, and Nancy Guille described the thrills of observing City government in action. Jane Crane was assisted in dispensing hospitality by Dorothy Turnbull. The morning ended with a lively discussion of alternative transportation for the benefit of members new to the area.

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