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Schools - Badda' You?
League of Women Voters Day
Units - Units on Schools
Tracking Federal Funds in the Thickets of City Finance
They Earn $ for League
Update: Appointed Boards and Commissions
Citizen Participation
By-Law Changes
Nominating Committee Report
Proposed Budget - 1979-80


  1. LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Action will be taken as the situation warrants. Emphasis on open and responsive government as stated in the League principles and our various positions.

  2. TRANSPORTATION - promotes understanding of Oahu transportation needs and problems among members and public.

  3. PLANNING - promotes member and public understanding of the planning process, promotes city planning which includes overall development objectives, encourages citizen input in the planning process.

  4. CITY COUNCIL - This study focuses on City Charter provisions regarding the City Council. It will lead to consensus no later than April, 1980.

  5. IMPACT OF FEDERAL FUNDS ON CITY GOVERNMENT - An open-ended investigation that will help members become more knowledgeable about city financing and focuses on how Oahu is affected by the availability of federal money for solving problems.

  6. CITIZEN PARTICIPATION IN GOVERNMENT continues to monitor citizen participation, taking action as the situation warrants under League principles and our various positions.

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