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Annual Meeting - Lunch - April 24
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Everything You Wanted to Know about Bob Dye
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Luncheon Speaker

Everything You Wanted to Know about Bob Dye

Almost everyone knows that Bob Dye was once head of Honolulu's Office of Human Resources and that most recently he was Executive Assistant to Mayor Frank Fasi. But there may be things you don't know about this year's Annual Meeting luncheon speaker. For example, did you know...

...Bob Dye has been a journalist and is writing a column for Honolulu Magazine?

...that when he was about to lose his professor's post at UH because -- as a matter of principle -- he refused to finish a PhD, that he was so well thought of by students that the Associated Students of UH paid his salary to keep him on for another semester?

...that when, in changing jobs, his salaries overlapped for a month, he returned one of the salaries?

...that he and Jean Ko ferried Korean orphans from Seoul to the Mainland several years ago?

Now a partner in a brand-new consulting firm, Bob Dye is obviously a man of many talents and diverse interests. His perspective -- from both in and out of City Hall -- will give us a unique glimpse into the reality of how Honolulu gets and spends money. That doesn't mean a talk about statistics and figures, but rather the philosophy that guides City spending patterns.

This promises to be one of the best meetings of the year, so be sure to attend!

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