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Annual Meeting - Lunch - April 24
From the President - A Call to Annual Meeting! (Helen Griffin)
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Update: Development Plans

From the President - A Call to Annual Meeting!

A CALL TO ANNUAL MEETING: Last month's Voter gave an indication of how important the Annual Meeting is. We're electing an exciting new slate of officers and directors who will be "our leaders" for the next two years. COME AND MEET THEM.

  • We also have to make decisions on by-law changes, our program for next year, and the budget. WE NEED YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND SUPPORT.

    If you've had time to study the proposed budget, you will have noticed a number of changes as well as an increase in total expenditures. I'd like to explain the major changes.

  • We have a new item under operating costs called "office services" which will pay for copying and typing, etc. More and more Leaguers have paying jobs now, and it's difficult to get volunteers. Also, our non-employed members, especially those on the Board, are usually very busy people, involved in many activities. Instant printing and copying services are fantastic time savers which the present Board has used increasingly this past year -usually at personal expense.

  • We have increased the president's allowance to partially cushion the cost of downtown parking and gas. Although our move downtown has reduced the overhead expenses of the office, it has. increased personal costs for all Board members.

  • Under "membership" we have included the cost of purchasing 1000 brochures. We hope the newly designed brochures that explain LWV in Hawaii will enhance our image as well as increase our membership and finance potential.

  • We feel the increased cost of the Bulletin is quite justified. Instant printing has saved our editors a tremendous number of hours, & we have received many compliments on the "new look." We were finally able to get a non-profit designation from the Post Office, so our mailing cost has been reduced by 2/3. But we've also removed the limit on the number of pages in the Voter. This is the best way to let our membership know what League is doing. Keeping the members informed is top priority.

  • Finally, we're proposing to increase our dues to $20 to cover these costs plus inflation. Also, our per member payment (PMP) to National was raised to $10 and we need to retain at least $10 to take care of our expenses.

We've been very active this past year, especially at City Hall. I'm sure you've noticed how frequently LWV is mentioned in the media. We're on KHVH's Viewpoint once a week. We've had more meetings, more speaking engagements; our committees have been busy. The office is always crowded -sometimes with 3 different meetings going on simultaneously. It's a stimulating environment and our activities have made an impact in the community.

What we really need is paid office staff -- someone to coordinate meetings, type testimony, write letters, answer the telephone, file things away properly. We can't afford that yet, even though Ruth Snyder did such a magnificent job as Vote Count Coordinator and chief money earner. Our increased budget may ease some of the burden, but I sincerely hope that someday League will be able to afford at least a half-time staffer.

I'm sorry this is so long, but I'd like the members to understand the background of the proposed budget figures before coming to Annual Meeting.

Since this is also my last "message" as president, I'd like to take this opportunity to say MAHALO -- to all of you -- for giving me two challenging and exciting years. It's a wonderful feeling to represent an organization so highly respected in the community. And whenever I felt inadequate (which was often), it was reassuring to know that the great fund of experience and knowledge of League members was available to me -only a telephone call away.


Helen Griffin

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