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Annual Meeting - Lunch - April 24
From the President - A Call to Annual Meeting! (Helen Griffin)
Everything You Wanted to Know about Bob Dye
Impact of Federal Funds
Earn $ for League: Volunteer
Annual Report of Elections & Vote Counting (Myrne Blomquist & Ruth C. Snyder)
We Oppose Bill 84!
Update: Development Plans


The March Units presented by the Schools Committee offered illuminating and sometimes provocative insights into some of the pieces which make up the public education puzzle. Keeping informed about the public school system and keeping it all straight are goals which League has always sought. We came a little bit closer by listening to and questioning our March guests.

Eight speakers at 5 units discussed the needs of "special" children, the importance of DOE's Foundation Program, the goals of BOE, the teacher's perspective in the system and the role of parents in their local schools. One of the speakers said the worst problem that parents have is not understanding complicated bureaucratic procedures and regulations, and not knowing the path for accountability.

Because all of our speakers were frank with us, we learned a lot about a very complex system - which may now seem less of an octopus.

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