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Membership Luncheon Reprise

Our kick-off luncheon on September 14 at the Kahala Hilton was a huge success. There was standing room only in the two conference rooms for the seminars highlighting the study committees:

  1. City Council

  2. Land Use (Planning, Transportation, Energy & Environment)

  3. Schools and Juvenile Justice

A special mahalo to participants: Jerry Hess, Carla Coray, Claudia Patil, June Sanders, Helen Kim Griffin, Anna Hoover, Judy Collins, Astrid Monson, Fredda Sullam, Caroline Ingersoll, Dorothy Bremner, Carla Telfer and Carol Whitesell.

The day gained momentum as eighty-four League members and guests enjoyed the quiche luncheon and guest speaker Dr. Jane Waldron. Dr. Waldron, gave a medical perspective to the problem of Juvenile Delinquency, pointing out the different growth-development stages of children. She then elaborated on ways the community could help the troubled child:

The success of the event would not have been possible without the "behind-the-scenes" help of Myrne Blomquist, Anne Marie Duca, Nancy Marker, and Jane Crane. Credit is also due the "on-the-scene" hospitality help of Kay Allen, Jean Ko, Wendie Wong, Beth Staley, Fay Hill, Cheryl Lyle, Millicent Rose, Mildred Walston, Laura Goo, Pamela Pickens, Pat Shutt, Barbara Farwell, Tisha Hickson, Barbara Fishlowitz, Mary Ellen Reed, Arlene Woo, Joyce Miller, Kay Makens, and Melvia Kawashima.

A dozen persons joined LWV at the luncheon, so we are half-way toward our November 1st goal of 25 new members. An orientation coffee is being planned for these new members, and prospective members, to be held the last of October. I thank all League members for making this luncheon a success.

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