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From the President: We Need Everyone (Jean Ko)
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Ghost Rider on the Bus

From the President: We Need Everyone

The focus of the first meeting of the year was selected study committees whose members enjoy sharing their research. The product of that effort needs a receptive audience, for little is accomplished when excellent work is produced, but never read and never understood. Just as we require very active members, we need supporting members who approve of League positions.

In the League there is room for everyone. We aren't all "brains," we aren't all "organizers", and we aren't all public speakers. We don't all have a lot of spare time, and we aren't all bundles of energy. At different periods in our lives we have different assets to offer. But among us all we have the brains, the skills, the energy, and the time that, when put together, make Honolulu League the effective, important, and purposeful organization that it is today.

Jean Ko

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