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Transportation Update

Where we Stand

Since 1963 studies and discussions have continued on the best way to resolve the transportation needs on Oahu; the League has had representatives participating in these discussions, observing and attending seminars from the beginning. In 1972 the LWVUS position statement, as derived from previous air quality and human resource consensus, was sent to local Leagues with guidelines for action. The thrust of the six-point position was:

  • The League favors public transportation

  • The League considers transportation a public service whose operating costs are to be subsidized as are operating costs for all public service

  • Weight should be given for social and environmental costs

  • Community participation is needed

Locally we have talked of what is needed to provide transportation service. Our position includes these aspects:

  • That different groups have different needs

  • The feeder system must be considered as a vital link

  • That revision to meet changing needs must be done

  • That, as part of the planning process, all segments of the public should have the ability to express their needs; and agencies should share their concerns, plans and goals in order to enlist public understanding and cooperation.

What We're Doing Now

In October the committee sent its critique of the Environmental Impact Statement on the HART proposal to the Department of Transportation Services; we are currently looking at the financial report prepared for the city by Ernst and Whinney. Our review of the EIS was done with an eye on our positions, but more importantly, as to how the EIS met established guidelines for content. We found the format confusing and some areas not fully discussed, and so stated in our response (a copy of which is on file for members to read).

The financial report looked at the expanded bus concept and the bus/rail proposal and evaluated them in economic terms. Three ways of funding capital and operational costs were suggested. We hope to share this report with members, along with other areas, at our spring meeting.

Dee Lum
Chairman Transportation Committee

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