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International Trade
December 10


Have you ever stopped to count the imported items you use daily? Think not only of products that read "Made in Hong Kong", but of plastic from imported oil, garments from imported textiles, metal products from imported minerals. Do you know what America exports? How do these balance out? Not very well.

Since 1971, when we had our first trade deficit since 1888, the deficit between imports and exports has grown to 28.5 BILLION dollars in 1978. Our American way of life depends on trade, and our economy on a stable dollar.

Find out the causes of problems in International Trade - what can be done, what is being done, and what YOU can do. The program will include a discussion of energy, inflation, consumer choice, and international good will. Dr. James Wills of the College of Business Administration, UH, will speak on the Basics of International Trade. Dorothy Marsh, International Trade Chair for the State LWV, will discuss Trade with Japan and its special problems. After the discussions we will participate in mini-negotiations.

A gourmet lunch will be prepared by Kay Allen and her committee. Reservations for lunch are absolutely necessary! We will not be able to accommodate last minute requests for lunch.

There is parking in the Temple Emanu-el lot, and the League has been granted a permit for street parking.

For bus transportation, from Ala Moana Center take #52 "Kaneohe ..." or #56 or #57 "Kailua ...", and get off at the first stop after the Philippine Consulate on Pali Hwy.

Carpools: Leave Hawaii Kai Shopping Center Upper Level Parking Lot at 9:20 a.m. Leave Kahala Mall (in front of Joseph Magnin) at 9:30 a.m.

For further transportation information, contact Jane Crane, 734-4214.

The price is right!

Detach and mail for luncheon reservations.

Reservation(s) for Holiday Luncheon at $4.00 per person.

Make checks payable to: League of Women Voters

names of those attending

Mail to:

Terry Jaskot

2202 Aha Niu P1.

Honolulu, Hi. 96821

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