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Schools Committee: Issues Raised by Strike (Karla Telfer)
Linking Committee

Linking Committee

As part of Honolulu League's participation in the State direct mail campaign, the Honolulu Board is asking the general membership to give names of friends or acquaintances whom they feel might be responsive to a direct mail fundraising drive. It has been proven to be an effective way of raising funds when the lists are compiled from the membership of the organization rather than from random selection. The mailing will be a letter asking for a donation, but it will not have the name of the person suggesting their name, unless that person desires to write a brief note on the letter. These letters will also serve public relations and membership purposes. We are hoping to establish a continuing money base which would allow us to hire office staff for the League office. Won't you help us by filling out the forms and returning them to the League office?


NAME __________________________________________PHONE _________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________

AREA OF INTEREST (Schools, juvenile justice, i.e.) __________________ _______________________________________________________________________

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