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Board Notes

Honolulu Board's Secretary, Fay Hill, has resigned to move to the West Coast where her husband has been transferred. She will be returning to Honolulu off and on during the next few years. Thanks for your work, Fay; you'll be missed:

Helen Perz is the new Gold Bond.. Group Project Chairman. For many years League members have been having Gift Stars Bonus 500 cards punched at Times Markets for purchases over $5. These filled cards have been used to earn equipment for the League office, and we want to keep the program going. New cards will be available at the next unit meetings.

We are in the process of redeeming a new electric stapler with our cards.

LWV Planning Committee member Astrid Monson has been named to a four-member City Council task force on the Kakaako planning bill. The task force was instructed to submit an amended version of the Kakaako special design district bill by the end of the month for final consideration by the Council's Zoning Committee.

Jim Poole, a consultant from the Society of Corporate Planners, attended our January Honolulu Board Meeting. As part of the statewide LWV Linking Committee's efforts to identify League organizational planning problems, Jim (also of the Bank of Hawaii's Marketing Division) will offer guidance as to how we may improve our organization.

Adeline Schutz, Citizen Participation Chairman, encourages Leaguers to increase their "visibility" when attending public meetings by indicating their LWV affiliation whenever possible and appropriate.

The VOTER would also like to publicize the participation of League members in their various public pursuits. So, "speak-up" and let us know what you're doing, or turn the spotlight on a fellow member.

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