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Membership - About Our Newest Members

Welcome to our new member:

Desmond Byrne Box 10447 Honolulu, 96816 523-2915 r 521-4734 b

About our newest members:

Two women who were members of Honolulu League in its earlier years (LWV was organized in Hawaii 35 years ago), have recently rejoined. We welcome back...AH JOOK KU, who was part of the committee which worked for the first City Charter. She has been a Star Bulletin and API reporter, and is currently executive director of the Media Council. She remembers the League earning $2,000 by selling saimin at the territorial fair (are you taking notes Kay Allen?) ... RUTH DIAS rejoined League to become involved as a court observer for the Juvenile Justice Study Committee. She has her own business, Ruth French Realtor, and wishes she had more time for an occasional golf game...TERESA GOMEZ came 3 years ago from Seattle where she was a sales representative for Equitable Life. Her hobby is cooking and she loves Hawaii's beaches... ROMAYNE KARL has only been in Hawaii for a few months, but she has considerable League experience, having served as LWV office manager in Ft. Worth, Texas. She conducted weekly television interviews as League TV Coordinator, and was very involved in political campaigning, once as a candidate herself...VIRGINIA LAU teaches English to limited English speaking children (SLEP program) at Wilson School, and is the Honolulu East District President of the PTA. Her commitment to community activities has led to her positions on the parent boards of two secondary schools...JEAN BARKER has served the Federal Government in many capacities -- White House staff, Senator's office staff, the Foreign Service in Indonesia. She is currently assigned to SINC PAC...formerly a Leaguer in Washington State, VERA FREDRICKSON is a sales representative for Mike McCormick Realty. She is interested in all phases of local government, and she enjoys time at the beach near her home in Waimanalo... VALERIE KISTE came to Honolulu a year ago from Minneapolis where she had a business which manufactured and marketed porcelain and silver jewelry. She is a teacher of art and reading and is now substituting in secondary schools in Hawaii.

Tote Bag Order Deadline Extended

White Canvas Shoulder Bag Red Lettering

To order, Send check for $7.74 (includes mailing) to LWV, 116 S. King, Honolulu, 96813. Checks payable to League of Women Voters.

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