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We're 60! - League of Women Voters Day at City Hall
We've Come a Long Way... - Founding of the League
From the President (Jean Ko)
Vote Count + You = LWV Money (Mary Ellen Reed)
Another Election & Vote Count
Membership - About Our Newest Members
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School Discipline
City Council: Partisan? At-Large? Consensus
New Publications
Viewpoint: Education and Strikes (Arlene Woo)

New Publications

League's Publications Chair, Nancy Marker, brings these new publications to our attention:

"Urban Brief 8: Recivilizing the Cities" #607, 20¢

"Land Use Letter: The Great Alaska Debate" #609, 20¢

"Current Focus--Balanced Budget: A Closer Look" #632, 40¢

"Current Focus--Growth and the Cities: An Inventory of Public Policy Initiatives to Reshape Urban Economies" #335, 30¢

"Women and Work 6: Successful Approaches to Improving Women's Employment" #611, 20¢

"Monitoring Your CETA Program" #574, 40¢

"Energy II Coal Gasification: An Uncertain Future" #550, 20¢

Publications may be ordered directly from League of Women Voters of the U.S., 1730 M St., Northwest, Washington, D.C. 20036. There are order blanks in the League Office, and Nancy can be contacted to answer any questions.

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