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Viewpoint: Education and Strikes

The following opinion was presented on KHVH Radio 99 "Viewpoint" during the week of January 21 - January 25. It was delivered by League's Public Relations Chair Arlene Woo.


A great deal of emotion was spent during the three weeks Hawaii's public schools were closed by strike. What difference does that make now? The basic situation remains the same. What will happen if another strike closes the schools again? Will the unions more strongly support each other? This time the HSTA president gave moral support to the UPW workers at a rally. The PTSA advised its members not to cross picket lines.

Who will accept responsibility to keep our schools open next time? This time the school board voted to keep the schools closed because more than dirty bathrooms were at issue. But after a heated evening session with parents demanding the reopening of schools and with television cameras recording it all, the board changed its decision.

In the eyes of most parents in the state, the focus of the strike became the schools. The question was, "Who cares whether the children get an education?" In most strike situations, production is halted for the duration of the strike. Auto parts are not produced; goods are not transported; pineapple is not picked. And after the strike the loss is written off. But how can we write off the education of Hawaii's children and pretend it makes no difference?

In our attempts to achieve the good life, we need to look beyond increasing wages and work benefits. We must find ways to assure an ongoing, quality education for Hawaii's public school children.

Arlene Woo

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