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Roasting a Sacred Cow?


New Members

Catherine Fisher 1739-C Ala Moana Honolulu 96815 955-4567

Charles Carole 1310 Heulu St. Honolulu 96822 531-2503


Vera Fredrickson 6316 Central Drive Everett, Wash. 98204

Susan Bacon 2714 Kahoaloha Lane #103 Honolulu 96826 944-1684

Susan Palmore 4959 Manalani Circle #3 Honolulu 96816

Ann Reeves 7057 Kamilo St. Honolulu 96825 395-2213


Judy Collins Claude DuTiel Nancy Guille

Bettye Harris Fay Hill Mary Ojerio

Libby Oshiyama Beverly Rothenbon Lottie Waddell


Please correct these minor typos in your new roster :

Betty Gordon (page 14) Zip should be 96822 Claudia Patil (Page 23) Phone should be 734-1218

Mildred Walston (page 27) Apt. is Hono Hale Towers Arlene Woo (page 28) Zip should be 96822

If you discover any other errors, please let us know.

Mildred Walston 941-2938

If your roster is missing any pages (printer's error) please call the League office.

*Remember that the roster is to be used for League purposes only, and not for purposes of circularizing membership.

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