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President's Message

What is a unit? The obvious answer is a leader, members, and the magic of a good program. Yet Honolulu has units with all these elements, a leaderless unit, and units with few regular attending members. We have problems and the Board has spent the past two meetings examining our units. I would like to share some of the discussion.

There is inconsistent unit attendance and the reasons are not obvious. We know that friendship is an important factor which creates a unit identity and encourages attendance; but it is difficult to initiate a friendship with only an occasional encounter. A popular topic such as Schools attracts guests as well as league members, while other equally well prepared subjects have spotty attendance.

As units stand now, the name tells us the geographic location and the general time of the day that the unit meets--Honolulu Morning, Windward Evening, etc. It does not meet outside of that definition. Yet we know that the needs of women are changing; women are returning to work in phenomenal numbers. Women comprise 42% of Hawaii's work force, and it does not take a crystal ball to see that this number will increase. Yet we invite the membership of working men and women to League, but continue to offer the majority of our unit meetings only to those available during the weekday mornings.

In our discussions several principles emerged: 1) Programs should be made easily available to working men and women. 2) There should be more flexibility of scheduling. 3) There should be opportunities for unit autonomy. The March Units offer an opportunity to apply these principles. For this month we will be combining Hawaii Kai and Honolulu Morning into one unit, and Windward Evening and Windward Morning into another unit.

The first downtown "BROWN BAG" meeting will take place at the LWV office, 116 South King, #504, on Wednesday, March 19, 11:30-1:15 p.m. Our intention is to occasionally bring the program to our downtown members and guests.


Jean Ko

A new League of Women Voters button was introduced at our birthday celebration at City Hall. The design is the work of Arlene Woo and Bobbie Slater; and members are urged to wear the buttons when out as League representatives or participants. They are available at the office.

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