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By-Law Changes

At the present time, three officers of the Honolulu League, President, 1st Vice-President, and Secretary, are elected in the same year as the State League Officers--for two years in odd numbered years. It is proposed that Article V of the BY-LAWS OF THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF HONOLULU be amended in order to stagger the terms of Honolulu's three officers with those of State. The change would have Honolulu's three officers be elected for two years in even numbered years.

This amendment would provide a continuity that would benefit the League as a whole.


Sec. 1. Enumeration and election of officers. The officers of the LWV of Honolulu shall be a president, a 1st vice-president, a 2nd vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer. All officers shall be elected for terms of two years by the general membership at the Annual Meeting and take office immediately. The president, 1st vice-president and secretary shall be elected in (odd-numbered) even-numbered years. The 2nd vice-president and the treasurer shall be elected in (even-numbered) odd-numbered years.

*Present wording within brackets; proposed changes underlined.

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