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Annual Meeting and Luncheon - "Where Do We Grow from Here?"
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Annual Report of Elections & Vote Counting (Myrne Blomquist & Mary Ellen Reed)
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Annual Report of Elections & Vote Counting

April 1, 1979 - March 31, 1980

LWV participated in 9 activities during the year.

Hourly earnings: $7643.43

Coordinator's Fees: 1305.00

Total earnings: $8257.67 (Net)

Many thanks to Ruth Snyder and Helen Griffin for taking over some of these jobs. A special thanks to M yrne Blomquist for the many hours she spent on the phone getting the workers and making up the schedule.

Once again thanks to Cecil Keesling for helping out so many times. Thanks to David Yo, George Wilkins, William Jacobson, Robert Reed, Kathryn Hebest, and Arlene Ellis. All relatives or friends of Leaguers who helped out. If I have omitted someone, I apologize.

Money earned:

submitted by Mary Ellen Reed, Ch.
Myrne Blomquist, Ass't

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