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Annual Meeting and Luncheon - "Where Do We Grow from Here?"
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Juvenile Justice at the Legislature
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Special Note to Our Less Active Members

$ for League

Twenty-three members plus faithful Cecil Keesling and Arlene Ellis (recruited by her sister Helen Griffin) worked long and hard on February 29th, giving up their Leap Year day to earn $$$ for the League.

The UPW Vote Count earned us $775.26. As we struggled to reconcile the counts of the 57 candidates who were running for Executive Board, a monumental task, many of us wondered if there weren't an easier way to make money: (To the uninitiated and new members: veteran vote counters will tell you the UPW ballot is unusual--most counts are a breeze and each is an "experience".)

Congratulations are in order to our competent talliers. The final total for the Executive Board whould have been 16,686 votes; we got 16,685--one vote off. We're obviously not perfect, but we also don't leave much room for human error: A thousand thanks to all.

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