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Annual Meeting Report

The proposed By-Law changes, program, slate of officers, and budget for 1980 - 81 (all appeared in the April VOTER) were adopted by Leaguers attending. the Honolulu LWV Annual Meeting on April 22. To the proposed budget were added $350 for the Direct Mail Drive and an additional $1,000 for National Convention Delegates' expenses. The Hawaii Delegates to National Convention are: Pat Shutt from State, Barbara Farwell, Wendie Wong, Arlene Woo, Jean Ko, and Sue Francis. The latter two, Jean and Sue, are paying their own way and will not be official delegates.

Jean and David Ashby were presented League memberships in recognition of their creative work in the design of a League brochure on City Council issues. (Look for your copy - soon to be mailed.)

Barbara Farwell, chairman of the study committee on "The Impact of Federal Funds on City Government", reported that her committee's work was largely completed. They expect to have an informational publication ready by late summer.

The out-going Board of Directors presented Jean Ko a beautiful travel bag and an amusing collage of all her "unplanned learning experiences" as president.

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