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Looking Back with Jean Ko

This year the Honolulu League set two priorities for the year. They were members and money.

We gained almost fifty new members, which is excellent. Regrettably other Leaguers left during to year to cause one member to comment: "It's like inflation -just keeping up means that we're staying ahead."

Our financial efforts are on many levels. The joint Honolulu/Hawaii Direct-Mail Drive is just beginning. The joint corporate drive is on-going, while the recommendation for the Makamaka Mixer is to change from a fund raiser to a social event.

The sporadic Honolulu Vote Count jobs continue to be our major source of income as well as providing a unique community service. We are deeply grateful to Mary Ellen Reed and Myrne Blomquist for coordinating this activity, particularly during the busy November and December holiday months.

League has been visible in city government and the community. We cosponsored a January conference on "Ethics and the Public Servant" and a planning conference in May on "An Island-wide Perspective of Development Plans." We celebrated our 60th birthday at City Hall and, during the year, testified before the City Council in the areas of transportation and planning.

Being president of the Honolulu League is much like riding a surfboard. At times it's difficult to keep your balance, and yet one strives to catch the wave of membership energy that propels this League steadily forward. It's been quite a ride! MAHALO.

Jean Ko

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