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Luncheon Program

The theme "Where Do We Grow From Here?" produced some very interesting remarks from Lt. Governor Jean King, John Connell who represented People for Sensible Growth, and David Callies from the UH Law School. Carol Whitesell moderated the panel discussion which was attended by 70 Leaguers and guests.

Lt. Gov. King talked about re-thinking our system of values interms of what is "needful" and what is "wasteful." She said that whereas there are alternatives to water and energy, there are no alternatives to land and that we must get a handle on population growth in order to arrive at workable solutions to land use.

John Connell, on the other hand, said that growth is a natural process and that no "artificial or arbitrary limits" should be used to control it. He stressed the need for flexibility and looking at all alternatives. Mrs. King later responded that you can't just accomodate growth, that you must plan and regulate for it.

David Callies gave a legal perspective to the question of growth control. He pointed out the "uniqueness" of Hawaii and how many of the present laws may be destructive to our island state. He stressed that before we can establish limits on growth, we must legally establish our uniqueness.

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