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League Takes Action!

It may be summer but the League is not on vacation....

April 29 Testified on the PUC Development Plan before the Planning Commission. Although there were a number of items that we questioned, we supported its enactment. The Development Plan is a great improvement over the DLUMs and the CZC of 1969' which led to the over-development of the past decade.

April 30 Testified before Council in support of the extension of the Interim Development Controls until the Development Plans are adopted and implemented. (Passed)

May 18 Wrote to Council member Poepoe, chairman of the Zoning Committee, expressing our concerns about Draft 4 of Bill 64, the Kakaako Special Design District ordinance. We addressed some technical items as well as the open space provisions, view corridor, and the 200 ft. height limit in the area around Ward Ave. (Passed - without recommendations)

June 9 Testified at the Neighborhood Commission Public Hearing on amendments to the Neighborhood Plan. We addressed mail balloting for Neighborhood Board elections only, which we supported based on our experiences in NB elections since 1975.

June 10 Wrote letters to Congressional Representatives in support of the Fair Housing Act amendment (HR5200) which puts teeth into the Fair Housing Act. It passed the House and now goes to the Senate.

June 24 Testified before the Planning Commission on Development Plans. We feel the net densities in the present draft are excessive and requested that the Commissioners consider the density standards as set by the American Public Health Association.

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