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More about National Convention

One of the best parts of Convention was the atmosphere of familiarity and common interest. We shared the same intensity of purpose, of curiosity, and of fairness. No League need ever worry about a delegate cutting out on a meeting. Either League develops sense of duty and responsibility or League attracts people who have had it bred into them at an early age!

I was particularly impressed with our national lobbying corps. I attended a lobbying workshop and was ready to sign up. I hope we'll organize our own lobbying group more tightly and involve more members. We're a strong organization and we should take advantage of our strength.

President Carter in his speech to the Convention pointed out that no one under-estimated the influence of the League more than the League itself. Keeping that in mind, we should set our priorities with renewed self-confidence and reach to achieve our goals. Other people believe in us; let's prove it to ourselves!

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