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President's Message

The summer National Voter will carry details on National Convention but I would like to share a few highlights with you. First of all, it was a stimulating experience to spend five days with some 1500 women (and a few men) on League business. At the end I think we were all a bit saturated, but we had learned a lot about each other and about League. We had discovered we all had problems in common but we also believed our work was worthwhile. We had met Leaguers from everywhere and made new friends.

What exactly did we do at Convention? Well, we adopted a new study, Health Care, with emphasis on private and public sector roles in the delivery of services. The delegates allocated funds for this item but grant money must be obtained before the study can begin. Whether or not we do this study in Honolulu will depend on member interest.

National will be updating our Human Resources position, focusing on "Women in the '80s," and Transportation will be listed as a separate program item.

We adopted numerous by-law amendments, most of the "housekeeping" variety. The most significant, however, concerned PMP (per member payment). For households with two League members, we will pay National 11/2 PMP (rather than the present 2 PMP). This allows us to consider local household dues in the future.

The PMP for 1980-81 was set for $10.50, to go to $11.00 the following year. Inflation gave us little choice in the matter, and few delegates seemed willing to cut National services in exchange for lower PMP.

Convention certainly gave me a broader view of the League. Our National officers are fantastic, and so are our members. Despite our problems of money and declining membership, League is still very much alive.

Barbara Farwell

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