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Cromwell and the Year of the Coast

The CROMWELL, a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ship, will be in Honolulu this October to help Leaguers and the residents of Hawaii celebrate the "Year of the Coast."

LWV of Hawaii was awarded $1450 from the national LWV Ed Fund, part of a $90,000 grant from the Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) to conduct a public awareness project in Hawaii. The project, intended to foster citizens' awareness of the coast and coastal resources, include: (1) spot ads on TV and radio, (2) a brochure on the CZM program in Hawaii, and (3) a celebration of "Coast Day."

The CZM Committee consisting of Kiyoko Nitz, Romayne Karl, Linda Higgins, Barbara Rhoads, Rhonda Leach, and Dora May Banner has been working on the preparation of spot ads and the brochure. Veterans of the successful 1977 Poster Contest, Pat Shutt, Laura Goo, Carol Whitesell and Arlene Woo, have been providing valuable advice. The idea of "Coast Day" has been received with great enthusiasm in the community. A "Coast Day" planning committee will shortly be organized by concerned citizen groups and Kiyoko Nitz will represent the League.

"Coast Day" will be celebrated in October at the Aloha Tower. The event will include an Open House on the research vessel CROMWELL, marine and coast-related displays and exhibitions, films of the coast, a band, and much, much more. We will have a lot of planning and coordination work ahead of us. If you can help, call Kiyoko at 2t1-8212 or the LWV office.

Beautiful "Year of the Coast" posters prepared by the NOAA will be available to interested groups free. The brochure will also be available at the end of September at the LWV office.

Kiyoko Nitz

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