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Happenings at Honolulu Hale

FLASH! A first for City Council observer! On July 25, the Council Finance Ctte was holding a hearing on land development around proposed transit stations. When the hearing ran into the lunch hour, the Ctte sent out for plate lunches -- and would you believe, MILDRED WALSTON, the League observer, got one, too? Just when we thought we couldn't be surprised by anything at City Hall...

Although League testimony on Charter amendments was generally to let the Charter Commission review and make recommendations next year, we did support a gender-changing amendment -- "Councilmember" for "Councilman". Our turn to testify at the hearing followed women from the City's Status of Women Commission, AAUW and NOW, all in support of the gender change. Councilmember Frank Loo commented on all these groups with "women" in their names asking the Council to change its sexist language!

Councilmember (and Leaguer) Bornhost promptly pointed out that the LWV accepts males and invited him to join. We'll be sending him an invitation!

Who says City Council meetings aren't any fun, or that government is dull? During the discussion on the Kakaako bill, Mr. Loo was speaking at length against the bill, asking the Council not to shirk its duty to the "little guy" and to act nobly. Quoting the poet Browning, Loo said, "Our reach should exceed our grasp, or what is a heaven for?" To which a bemused Chairman Pacarro, seeking to cut off what had become interminable debate, reminded Mr. Loo that he couldn't always have what he wanted and that "into each life a little rain must fall." Politicians have class, too...

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