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LWV Puts Prosecutors on TV
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
League in Action!
Cromwell and the Year of the Coast (Kiyoko Nitz)
Happenings at Honolulu Hale
First Unit Meetings of the Year!
State League Presents...
What Makes the City Run? (Astrid Monson)
Transit Coalition (Dorothy Lum)
Do You Like Money?
Let's Be Candid... This is a Pitch (Claire Gregorcyk)
Act of Congress
Make Your Vote Count

League in Action!

Letters to the Editor:

On reapportionment of the Council, as reply to Star-Bulletin editorial. (June 28)

On the Neighborhood Commission, in protest of the way they made decisions on the Neighborhood Plan, in Star-Bulletin. (July 8)

On Citizen participation in government committees, as a Commentary in the Advertiser, in protest over the token public input in the Kakaako Special Design District bill. (August 9)

Re editorial column in Downtown Planet, pointing out other solutions to parking problems than more parking garages. (not yet published)


Testified at hearing on City Charter amendments, asking that amending process be left to the Charter Commission that must be appointed by April, 1981. We supported an amendment on language change -- "Councilmember" instead of "Councilman." (August 6)

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