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Make Your Vote Count


Some people say one of the things women do best is talk, so... okay. Maybe we should talk more. Wouldn't you love to have a group of polite interested people hanging on your every word (no interruptions) for say 30 minutes while you enlighten their lives and then bask in their approval and applause?

To be part of such a speaker's bureau in the League may sound fanciful, but wait -- think about it. Remember how interestingly some League members have discussed the Juvenile Justice system, the (lack of) sunshine at City Hall, how to corner a legislator, how to follow a bill, and especially the war stories from the halls of government?

If you tend to bore your husband or friends with an issue you find vitally important, maybe we can find you a nice audience that may even give you a lunch, or at least a glass of water.

Rummage around in your mental storeroom of knowledge and experience and call CLAIRE GREGORCYK, 487-7740, and volunteer to share your information with the anxiously awaiting multitudes, or small groups.

If you're a little hesitant about your abilities, the LWV will throw in, at no cost, a refresher course in effective public speaking!

Claire Gregorcyk

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