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The Honolulu LWV is sponsoring a TV forum featuring the five candidates for the office of City Prosecutor. KITV, Channel 4, is producing the hour-long show on Sept. 8 at 9 p.m., following the Monday Night Football game. Committee members Anne Marie Duca, Barbara Farwell, Lila Grossman, Romayne Karl, Rhoda Miller, and Arlene Woo have come up with what looks like a great format. There is tremendous interest in this race because not only is crime a primary concern to so many people but also this is the first time we will be electing the City Prosecutor.

Diane Hastert, former League president, will serve as moderator. The five candidates are: Gordon Bronson (R), Adrienne King (D), Charles Marsland (R), Togo Nakagawa (D) who is the present Prosecutor, and Lee Spencer (D). Questioning them will be a panel made up of Jerry Burris, political reporter for the Advertiser, Gerald Sumida, local attorney, Billie Hauge, Waianae community leader, and Helen Griffin who will ask the questions sent in by the public.

Stay at home on Monday, September 8, or better yet, plan a TV party and watch the forum with your friends! If you have any questions you'd like answered, submit them to any of the committee members, c/o the LWV office.

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