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The Transit Coalition

Early this spring a coalition of business, labor, and community organizations joined together to seek answers to questions regarding the proposed bus/rail system (HART) and on the proposed transit alternatives. League has a liaison representative assigned to the subcommittee on politics with sub-sections on Community and Government.

Following the lead of other cities, the coalition effort will collect, develop, validate, and distribute dependable information on the questions surrounding the many components of transit. Each of the subject-area committees will frame the questions that it feels should be (or should have been) addressed in the more than ten studies previously done through the last 15 years as attempts have been made to find the best way to solve Oahu's transportation needs.

League concerns will primarily stem from our positions as they relate to air pollution, access between home and job as well as other service aspects, and urban planning and design. We will attempt to look at the studies impartially. We shall be concerned with how the coalition can impart the information to the public so that our citizens will have a better understanding of the transportation picture.

Dee Lum

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