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A Big Winner!

The Carpenters' Union vote count in Aug. earned us $333.84 thanks to the efforts of 16 faithful Leaguers and friends. AluLike and SHOPO have just requested League assistance in their November elections. Laura Goo and Sarah Allday are coordinators for these and should soon be calling for help.

Vote count jobs have greatly increased over the years and have boosted our income fantastically, now taking care of more than 1/3 of our budget. This project, now 7 years old, would not have been possible without willing and enthusiastic volunteers from within our membership. We're very proud of Honolulu League's achievement and the Board last year decided to share our experience and expertise with other Leagues across the country.

We have put together a manual called A COORDINATOR'S GUIDE TO CONDUCTING ELECTIONS AND VOTE COUNTING. It has taken us over a year from preliminary draft to completed publication, but it's finally ready for distribution (to Leagues only) at $10 a copy. We don't expect the manual to be a money maker for us; we do hope it'll help other Leagues make money!

Thanks to the following for the many hours freely given: RUTH SNYDER who compiled the material from her own experiences and those of all the earlier coordinators; HELEN GRIFFIN who prepared the first draft; LAURA GOO and ANN REEVES who are excellent editors; and BARBARA HODGES who typed the entire manuscript. Thanks also to RHODA MILLER AND CAROL WHITESELL who helped with the graphics. It's great to have so much talent in our League!

The Guide is dedicated to "Vote Count Coordinators Claudia Patil, Gretel McLane, Dorothy Bremner, Ruth Snyder and all the faithful volunteers of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu."

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