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The City Prosecutor Forum


8 p.m. Monday night, September 8. At the KITV studio all seemed chaos to those uninitiated in the ways of television. Men were still painting the set, people on ladders adjusted lights, cameramen studied the set from various angles. All sorts of people milled about on the cord-covered floor. Early arrivals nervously wondered how they could ever go on the air in an hour's time.

8:15 p.m. The moderator and panelists had arrived and stood quietly talking. Where was the promised coffee, or even the ice water? To make-up or not to make-up ... The dressing table with a long mirror off in the corner was suddenly crowded with panelists anxious about shiny noses.

8:30 p.m. The candidates began to arrive. One confessed he was scared to death. All circled warily, avoiding their opponents, quietly shaking hands with others. Again the question of make-up... One male candidate said he had never dreamed he'd ever powder his face. Still no coffee.

8:45 p.m. The set was completed but everyone was warned that it was built of cardboard and light plywood so "be careful." The candidates were given a rundown of the rules again, microphones were tested, at last ice water appeared, along with coffee -- too late! The moderator and panelists took their places. KITV announcer Jack Hawkins practiced his introduction in front of a camera.

8:55 p.m. The worst time, panelists and candidates in place, the last few minutes of waiting and fidgeting. The small audience of Leaguers and candidate friends sat impatiently. They knew that if there were any details they had forgotten, it was too late.

9:00 p.m. We're on the air! For an hour the people of Honolulu watched as five candidates fielded questions from the panelists. A moment of panic swept over a few Leaguers when it seemed the timing had gone wrong -- but our quick-thinking moderator saved the day. All too soon the forum was over, and the spectators in the studio burst into applause as the "On the Air" sign blinked off.


The League has received great feedback from members and the public. We've had dozens and dozens of calls, and panelist Helen Griffin has literally been stopped on the street by people wanting to tell her how much they liked the show. Many have said the forum decided their votes (or changed them), so it was obviously informative.

Was it worth the work? Absolutely! League got tremendous publicity while providing an appreciated public service. It should give a real boost to our fundraising and membership efforts.

A very special thanks goes to DIANE HASTERT, former League president who was a superb moderator, to the panelists, to the candidates (and may the best person win), to Leaguer WENDIE WONG and the three Junior Leaguers who helped at the studio, and last but not least, to the hardworking committee that put this together and made it a success: ANNE-MARIE DUCA, LILA GROSSMAN, ROMAYNE KARL, RHODA MILLER, and ARLENE WOO.

Thanks, everybody -- you were terrific!

Barbara Farwell

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