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Happenings at Honolulu Hale

September's committee agendas were quite lengthy after Council's recess, but MILDRED TOWLE, ALICE SCOTT, DOROTHY MURDOCK, HELEN GRIFFIN and BARBARA FARWELL were able to monitor most of the meetings.

Councilmember Nekota's Inter-Governmental Relations ctte was the longest but fascinating to observe. Nekota at one point asked Managing Director Hirata whether he thought Eileen Lota, Dir. of Info. and Complaints, should publicly call the Council the "worst she's ever seen"? Hirata said she perhaps should have signed the letter "Executive Ass't to the Mayor," her "other hat." Relations between administration and council are always interesting!

Poepoe's Zoning Ctte got through the agenda fastest - so fast that observers wondered what had happened. Discussion on any item was minimal.

Fong's Community Development Ctte introduced a resolution on Affordable Housing that seems to be in response to administration's Inclusionary Zoning ordinance proposal. How to address the community's need for low/mod housing is a topic every ctte touches on - and we hope they'll have positive solutions soon.

On the light side -- the League hit the news with THE GREAT BALLOT BOOTH CAPER. Helen and Barbara were on their way to observe the action in Council Chambers when they noticed they could look over the 3rd floor balcony and watch the people voting absentee. That would have been okay, except that because of open-top booths, they could see which party ballot (color coded) each voter was choosing...a definite no-no with the new secret primary laws.

This small incident turned into a big scene when news reporters spotted the Leaguers pointing out this oversight to City Clerk Paul Maeda. The result was an interview for Helen and Barbara with KGMBTV news and articles in both papers.

Maeda, red-faced over it all, asserted that Helen must have "strong vision" to see the voters' party choice. We prefer to think that Helen is a person of great vision!

* * *

Haven't we been telling you about the fun at City Hall? You just never know what will happen there! Become a City Hall observer and you won't ever have to miss the action again! (Of course, we can't promise you'll make the news, but who knows?)

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