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The League Office in an Election Year

A madhouse!...Never a dull moment... hilarious!... heartwarming...

The latest flick? No. The scene is the League office during the past month. The phone rings constantly with requests for election information: Where do I register? Where do I vote? How do I vote absentee in New York? Who's running in my district? Tell me about the candidates.

On Tuesday, Sept. 16, Pat Shutt took 21 calls, most of them asking for a League candidates guide.

Meanwhile League business goes on, with interruptions. Board members meet, Helen G. and Barbara Hodges type and do layout on the Vote Count manual, and we field requests for speakers and help with workshops. There is no doubt the League is a service organization.

There are bad moments: Irate voters who ask, "What do you mean the League isn't putting out a Candidates Guide! The League in (such and such a place) ALWAYS puts out a Guide!

There are humorous moments: A heartfelt plea: "What should I do? I have such a hard time judging the candidates on their different recipes and I don't know whether it's better to have gone to Roosevelt or Kam school or to support Pop Warner or Little League..."

There are good moments: "The prosecutor's forum was great. It really helped me make up my mind." And a thank you note enclosing a $5 contribution from someone who dropped in looking for information. Now, that is heartwarming!

Carol Whitesell

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