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Thoughts on TheBUS

Ghost Rider is convinced that bus riders are born, not made, and that the entire American public can never be "educated" to accept public transportation for themselves. For the tens of thousands of Honolulu drivers who never leave their homes without their own wheels turning beneath them, lack of energy to power those wheels is the only thing that will ever convert them into bus riders.

However, Ghost Rider and all the members of her fraternity need no big advertising campaign to sell them on the economy and ease of stepping onto and off TheBUS -- with no parking problems or expenses, no car purchases, repair bills or insurance premiums to wreck their family budgets, and no worries over present or future gas shortages. Further, there is just no way you can beat a free Senior Citizens Bus Pass in these days of inflationary, sky-high prices!

Yes, it may take a little longer to get there by bus, but at the end of the trip you save all the time that the driver must spend looking for a place to park and then walking from wherever that may be to his or her destination.

Granted, not everyone's home is accessible by bus -- so it would seem that more bus routes is the answer. Neighborhood Boards and Community Associations should survey their areas and come up with positive suggestions for the City Transportation Dept.

TheBUS is the only way to go.

Ghost Rider

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