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Ballots Galore!
League in "Confrontation"
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Happenings and Honolulu Hale
League Will Be Looking for a New Home
Viewpoint (Arlene Woo)

Ballots Galore!

Unit discussions on the FOUR ballots every voter gets on the 4th (3 more for OHA) were informative and greatly appreciated. For those who missed the units, the ballots are:

  1. CANDIDATES - Presidential, Congressional, State Senators and Representatives, Mayor, and Prosecutor.

  2. BOARD OF EDUCATION - Each Oahu voter may vote for 10 candidates, 6 at-large and 1 each from 4 districts.

  3. CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS - Three. The first two affect the way constitutional amendments are ratified and the 3rd allows the Senate to call a special session to consider judicial appointments.

  4. CHARTER AMENDMENTS - Two. The first alters the composition of the Council offering two options: a mix of 4 district reps. and 5 at-large or changing the districts from the present 9 to 11. The 2nd question would change the reapportionment year from 1981 to 1987.

    The LWV recommends that citizens vote NO on both questions. The Charter Commission will meet in April 1981 to review the entire Charter, and all of these questions can be discussed fully at that time.

Make your decisions before going to the polls Tuesday
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