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Drumming up the Lobbying Corps

Over a hundred people signed up for the Legislative Lobbying Workshop which the State League co-sponsored with the Health and Community Services Council and Kokua Council for Senior Citizens. Judging from the turn out (96 showed up) and the very favorable comments on the evaluation forms, the workshop was a resounding success.

Millie Kim, Director of House Majority Research, spoke on Understanding the Legislative Process. Her presentation was so engrossing, with so many questions from the audience, that it ran overtime with no one complaining.

The panel focused on "effective lobbying" from the point of view of non-profit organizations. This was greatly appreciated by the many representatives from such organizations.

The optional tour was useful to those not familiar with the capitol. The presentation by the Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) librarian was most interesting. She demonstrated the computer terminal and its capacities in information retrieval. For example, you can punch in the number of a bill and the history of that bill appears on a screen. You can also punch in a legislator's name and get the list of bills he's introduced that session. (Technology is marvelous!)

Carol Whitesell, who put together this successful effort, said in her Report to the State Board that she recommended "this king of joint effort which is much more manageable for us (the LWV), with no staff and limited volunteers, than a single-group effort."

Pat Shutt

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