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Come on a Walking Tour of Kakaako
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
Holiday Luncheon
Coast and Hawaii's Future
Voter Education
Ballots Galore!
League in "Confrontation"
Drumming up the Lobbying Corps (Pat Shutt)
Juveniles and the Justice System
Looking for a Part-Time Paying Job?
Energy Hotline
Does the City Planning Commission Plan (Astrid Monson)
Happenings and Honolulu Hale
League Will Be Looking for a New Home
Viewpoint (Arlene Woo)

Energy Hotline

If you're a do-it-yourselfer and apply this wonderful talent to changing your own car oil, then inquire at your gas station whether the manager participates in the oil recycling program. If he doesn't, encourage him to do so. Participating service stations are identified by this logo.

Call the Energy Hotline to get the name of the service station nearest you that is part of the program and join the hundreds of Oahu mechanics and residents devoted to saving money and the environment.

The oil recycling program is sponsored by the State Energy Office of the Department of Planning and Economic Development.

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