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Happenings and Honolulu Hale

The problem of affordable housing, a critical issue, seems to have infected City Hall. A workshop on Inclusionary Zoning (developers must set aside a % of low/mod units or their equivalent in land or $) has finally been scheduled by Hiram Fong's Ctte on Community Development for Nov. 6. Although we have no position on this, LWV is very concerned about the whole problem.

During the regular Council Mtg, the issue was discussed at great length by Frank Loo when a minor bill relating to enforcing building codes came up. Loo said that we shouldn't evict violators until we can provide affordable housing for them. Where are they to go? he asked.

It was a very good question but beside the point with this bill.

** ** ** ** ** **

An interesting action by the CD Ctte was the approval of an option agreement by a developer. For $250,000, non-refundable, the developer would have exclusive rights to negotiate with the city on the development of Block J (downtown). The Corp. Counsel said it was legal.

We'll certainly be keeping an eye on this one!

** ** ** ** ** **

Marilyn Bornhorst has posed some pertinent questions about the proliferation of mirrored bldgs. Another is going up at the corner of Bishop and Beretania which may possibly reflect a glare into the eyes of oncoming motorists on Beretania or Pali Hwy. She pointed out that the reflected heat on the surrounding areas caused by Century Center and Gosvenor Center has caused severe problems. She's requesting an ordinance which would require a developer to demonstrate that his bldg would not be harmful to its neighbor or to the traffic. The irony is that mirrored bldgs are "energy saving" (for themselves), one of the requirements of our bldg code.

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