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League in "Confrontation"

Because of the tremendous public response to League's City Prosecutor Forum before the Primary Election, CONFRONTATION: MARSLAND - SPENCER on October 27 was a natural follow-up. KITV-4 had received as many phone calls plus a lot of mail about the show as the League so we were ready for the second go-round. It was less hectic the second time.

The Office of City Prosecutor, elective for the first time in almost 50 years, is one of the more hotly contested races in the election, with two strong candidates, Charles Marsland and Lee Spencer. We hope that CONFRONTATION has helped voters learn more about the candidates, their qualifications, and how they stand on the issues related to the office so that on Nov. 4 an informed choice can be made.

Congratulations to BARBARA FARWFLL, ARLENE WOO, ROMAYNE KARL, and HELEN GRIFFIN for successfully putting together League's second TV "show." A great job! Thank you to BAMBI WEIL for handling the questions and the less structured format with such skill. We can't believe such a talented person is not a League member!

Thank you also, CHARLES MARSLAND AND LEE SPENCER. Good luck!

And finally, a special thank you to KITV-4 who did all the promotional work, who gave us the prime time, and who were so helpful and cooperative in the production of the show.

Can we be less than modest and say, "League has done it again!"?

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