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President's Message

Have you ever wondered why the League has acted for or against a particular piece of legislation? Who decided to take the action? You might vaguely remember the League has "positions," but be unsure what they are or how they may be used.

The League's positions come only after study by members. That is, a research committee puts together study materials which educate members: Information is disseminated both through VOTER articles and meeting presentations. Whether a position is taken on a local, state or national issue, members have first had the opportunity to read about and become informed on that issue, and have, by consensus, come to a statement of position. Action, then, is based on that position.

We also act on our Principles: These are general "good government" statements. When we act on legislation to make government more accountable or open, we are acting principles adopted in the past -- basic tenets of the League, so to speak.

Action on national issues is generally guided by the National Board. The periodic "Report From The Hill" keeps us informed of what Congress is doing and how we can act for or against legislation pertaining to League positions. Occasionally we are sent "Action Alerts," which as, for our immediate response on crucial national legislation.

On the local level we monitor City Council and Council committee meetings for legislation of interest to League, based on our positions. And, like good reporters, we also have "sources" who share information and keep us abreast of what is going on. These include groups who have similar interests.

The real fun of League work comes from being part of the action. I'd like to encourage all of you to drop into the office and read "Report From The Hill" and other action-oriented materials. (This Report, as well as other communications to and from National, correspondence and testimony, are all in our Board Reading File.)

Or come in and talk story over a brown bag lunch. I'm usually in the office on Wednesdays at noon as well as in and out on other days. Other local and state board members can frequently be found in here working. The office is the hub of our action -- come and be a part of it!

Barbara Farwell

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