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Recently I read an address by Richard A. Whalen of Wisconsin on single issue politics. I'd like to share some of his thoughts on this emerging form of gov't.

Frequently one person's special interest or "cause" is viewed by others as "single issue politics." However, single issue groups seem to have three basic characteristics. First, the approach allows no compromise or modification of positions. Second, they present their policy goals as demands. And finally, single issue groups are interested in winning -- not governing.

Single issue politics seems to be a part of a new relationship between the electorate and the elected, and between the party and the candidate. Political parties used to take the varied interests of the electorate and translate them into a manageable set of policy positions. Now we have non-partisan candidates and politicians elected by powerful single interest groups.

With this situation we could have energy policy determined by a political leader whose election may have been won by his position on abortion!

Mr. Whalen believes single issue politics is creating chaos at the legislative and executive levels of government. Single issue legislators develop ad hoc alliances which do not follow party alignments.

Thus, we have a Congress and an executive elected by a nominal majority but paralyzed by the tug of war between single interest groups.

Therefore, when you cast your vote on November 4th, be aware of how your candidate stands on a variety of interests. Make certain he reflects your views on more than one issue.

Arlene Woo


"Viewpoint" appears on KHVH Radio several times a day with a different viewpoint every week. Arlene has been doing a great job but could use some help on topics and writing.


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