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General Meeting on Women's Issues
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
Confusing Ballots!
Money for ERA
Students' Voice on Viewpoint
Notes on Leaguers
Dollars and Service
Mayor-Elect "Brown Bags" it with LWV!
League in Action
Look at Children in the U.S. (Bernice Weissbound)
Sunshine Coalition (Romayne Karl)
Juveniles and the Justice System
Wanted Alive & Active

*LETTERS to the Editor appeared in both papers urging citizens to vote NO on Charter amendments.

*WE WROTE to Council Chairman Pacarro asking that a study on the adverse effects of mirrored buildings be made before any more permits for such buildings be issued.

*WE TESTIFIED before the Ctte on Community Development requesting favorable consideration of the concept of Inclusionary Zoning as part of a broader program to produce more affordable housing.

*ASTRID MONSON presented a paper on affordable housing at the Humanities' Conference on Planning, proposing a social housing market as a parallet to our traditional housing market. She said that such a "broad housing program is good for the community's prosperity and that the community can feel good about having met the housing needs of all its people. Virtue may be its own reward, but in this case it can also pay off."

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