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Dollars and Service

Our COORDINATOR'S GUIDE TO CONDUCTING ELECTIONS AND VOTE COUNTING is off to a running start: We sent flyers to all the state Leagues and have received orders from Maine, Illinois, and Orange County, Calif. We've also received support from National. Wanda Alderman, LWVUS Management and Training Services, wrote than she will do what she can to inform other Leagues. She said:

"Mahalo! for the copies of your League's excellent publication. I have just returned from a regional workshop in Denver for nine Western States.... So, when I read your letter I thought this would be a fantastic idea to send to the states at the workshop. Believe me, I will not only encourage these states to investigate it but I plan to include the idea in future workshops and mention it in an upcoming Newsbrief on fund raising ideas."

(Note the "mahalo." The aloha spirit must be in D.C.!)

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