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Juveniles and the Justice System

The first of several publications of the Juvenile Justice Committee will soon be off the press! UNDER 18 AND UNDER ARREST -- A LOOK AT HAWAII'S JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM will be mailed to members in December. Please find time to read it and be prepared for discussion at January Units (week of January 12). Take the following consensus questions as well as the publication to Units with you. It's an important meeting so mark your calendar right now!


  1. What should be the purpose(s) of the juvenile justice system?

    treat offenders
    prevent crime
    protect society
    punish offenders

  2. What do we want to do with all the different types of juvenile offenses? status offenses
    first-time, minor offenses
    continued minor offenses
    continued offenses, increasingly serious
    violent offenses

  3. What distinctions should be made between the different types?

  4. To what, if any, extent should sentencing be proportionate to the crime?

  5. Where would you assign the greatest emphasis?

    on consistency, or
    on the ability to deal with each case individually?

  6. Under what circumstances should a juvenile be:

    waived to adult court
    locked up in Koolau
    put on / kept on probation
    counseled and released
    referred to one or more social service agencies (may also be on probation at the same time)

  7. Who should pay for social services?

    1. List the social services the community should provide, in priority order.

    2. If any service is not provided in our community (e.g. rehabilitation of male prostitutes) should government provide the service?

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