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Mayor-Elect "Brown Bags" it with LWV!

Mayor-elect Eileen Anderson brought her own brown bag to the Planning Ctte's noon meeting on Nov. 12. She shared with the informal gathering her views on major city issues with refreshing frankness, touching on a number of topics of particular interest to the League.

DEVELOPMENT PLANS. She is concerned that there are problems in a number of areas as pointed out in the Bosselman Report but that the Council should Probably pass them and the City should be Prepared to overcome the deficiencies.

HOUSING. She said it's "a tough nut to crack" and almost unsolvable. Every effort should be made to use available federal resources, to encourage cooperation between industry and gov't, and to streamline permit procedures at the city level. She thought the concept of Inclusionary Zoning was good but had reservations about the impact on prices. She admitted she needed to study it more.

KAKAAKO. She had frankly hoped that the Council wouldn't act as quickly as it did so that something could have been worked out with the State to avoid 2 conflicting plans. Now whose plan will dictate -- the City's or the State's -- will have to be determined.

TRANSPORTATION. The new study on HART will go through, she said, but she was concerned because the contract is to implement HART, not do an objective study. She felt this was one of the first problems she had to face. Improved bus service and a close look at the City's contract with MTL were also priority areas.

FEDERAL FUNDS. Her philosophy on the use of federal $ will be very different from the present administration's. She's disturbed by the large proportion of federal funds in the total city budget and its use for on-going programs and operating expenses. She'd like to gradually turn it around and put federal money into short term projects. She also disagreed with the present policy of using cash for capital financing, pointing out it's cheaper to borrow today and pay tomorrow.

NEIGHBORHOOD BOARDS. The concept is a good one but she feels we must identify the NB's role. After this is determined, they should be supported with resources and then given a trial period. If we find the system doesn't work, we should face it squarely.

CHARTER REVIEW. She mentioned a number of areas she felt should be looked at: The Dept of General Planning as an umbrella office; the Dept of Land Utilization as separate from General Planning; the lack of any transition machinery in the Charter which subjects the Mayor-elect to the uncertain good will of the lame duck administration. She was glad the Charter amendments had been defeated because the whole thing should be reviewed next year. She also said the period between the election and the taking of office was necessary because the new Mayor needs time to get a cabinet together in order to effect a smooth transition.

It was an informative meeting in a very pleasant, friendly atmosphere and we hope it was mutually beneficial.

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