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General Meeting on Women's Issues
President's Message (Barbara Farwell)
Confusing Ballots!
Money for ERA
Students' Voice on Viewpoint
Notes on Leaguers
Dollars and Service
Mayor-Elect "Brown Bags" it with LWV!
League in Action
Look at Children in the U.S. (Bernice Weissbound)
Sunshine Coalition (Romayne Karl)
Juveniles and the Justice System
Wanted Alive & Active



ALICEN, BOBBIE 320 B Kawainui St. Kailua 96734 262-8714 r 261-0277 b

BOYLE, JUNE 1885 Halekoa Dr. 96821 732-2363 r 395-7502 b

COLLINS, JUDY 8514 Bound Brook Lane Alexandria, VA 22309

CROSETTI, PATRICIA 2754 Pali Hwy 96817 595-3030

HIGH, MAY 0. 46-049 Alii Anela P1. #1726 Kaneohe, 96744 235-8446

ALOHA (drops)

Bill Daly Patricia Mason

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